Booster Recall



The replacement booster heads have been shipped. Depending on the country they are sent to it might take a few days until the shipments have made it through customs.

Recipients of replacement heads are asked to contact us if the shipment hasn’t arrived until Nov 19th 2018.

We thank you for your trust in us and for your patience and we hope you’ll enjoy the new booster products.

Your milKit team


Manufacturing of the new injection molding parts for the replacement booster heads has started. Once the new parts are ready, we’ll be able to assemble the new booster heads and get them ready to be shipped.

We will then first ship the replacement heads to the customers who already purchased a booster and soon after that new booster products will be ready to be provided to the market.

We will keep you updated once the products will be ready to ship and thank you for your patience.


We are glad to inform you that we have finished the testing of the new booster parts and have seen that all samples are comfortably surpassing the maximum pressure ratings. We are confident in these design changes to address the challenges presented with the first introduction versions.

In addition to getting the production instabilities under control we have added several new safety features to the booster head, including changes to the materials, dimensions and features of the booster head. The new booster parts will be visibly different from the old heads. Especially the new steel ring around the Aluminium cap and the now black color of the head will help avoid any confusion.

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so have a look at the new booster head:

The revised booster head

We now have to set up the production of the new parts which will still take a few weeks. We are sorry to keep you waiting for this additional time and thank you for your patience.


The first tests of the new booster head parts went well, so that we can start production after the summer holidays. Our goal is to be able to deliver the replacement products soon after that.

We thank you for your patience and the continued trust you have placed in us.


We have been able to analyze the production problem that has led to the issue with the Booster heads and have found a solution to solve this problem.

In addition to improved material, the new Booster heads will also feature design enhancements that significantly increase safety and eliminates the previous production problem. The new products will also be visually distinguishable from the previous Booster heads that should no longer be used.

The improvements require changes to the injection molding tools. These are currently being implemented at our manufacturing facility. The new Booster heads will then be produced and extensively tested. After completion of the tests, we will inform you about the status of production and the expected delivery date for your replacement Booster head.

In order to guarantee the best possible safety for the new products, each product will be subjected to a pressure test after production. This way, we can ensure that only perfectly functioning products leave production and are sent to consumers.

We thank you for your trust and apologize again for the inconvenience.


We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Over the last few days, we were able to simulate the consequences of operating a faulty booster head through internal tests. We are working hard to improve the product and provide a spare part as soon as possible.

Only the blue booster head is affected and not the Aluminium bottle or any other component.

We offer replacement booster heads to the retailers for the booster products they have ordered. The dealer is requested to destroy all booster heads in stock or those returned by customers, and to replace them with replacement booster heads.

We offer to send a replacement booster head against picture credits to the end customer. Acceptable picture credits must contain the destroyed booster head together with the invoice in a single image. If no invoice is available, the name and address can be handwritten on a piece of paper, and this can be photographed with the unusable booster head.

Booster heads can be rendered unusable in the following ways:

1. Cut the thread with a side cutter
2. Break off or cut off the pump attachment
3. Break off or cut off the pump attachment

Please send the picture credits to


We have received reports concerning the milKit tubeless booster products recently launched to the market. It is possible that parts may become detached from the booster during inflation.

Before the milKit tubeless booster products were released to market, we subjected them to the latest state of the art safety tests, no problems were encountered.

We are checking whether the problems are caused by a manufacturing defect or appliance failure.

However, in order to exclude any risks, we would like you to stop using all milKit boosters and contact the retailer of your milKit booster in order to follow the product recall.

All milKit tubeless booster products sold so far may be affected.For further information if you have any questions, please contact

We apologise to all affected customers for any inconvenience that may arise and will do everything in our power to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

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milKit Booster head
milKit Booster head