The lightest, most efficient and versatile tubeless inflator

milKit Booster

Easy to use

Simple, quick & lightweight


No additional hoses & inflates in seconds


Your water bottle and portable tubeless inflator

A lightweight, space saving tubeless inflator with award winning technology.

More efficient inflation, and it even doubles as your water bottle to be taken on rides.

  • Compatible with all Presta tubeless valves, use milKit valves for the best results
  • Space-saving: replaces large air compressors
  • Eco-friendly: replaces single use CO2 cartridges
  • Economical: no more CO2 cartridges or investing in a costly compressor
  • Efficient: no additional hoses means the full air pressure goes straight to your valve
  • Lightweight Booster head (21gr/0.74 oz) with a drawstring bag to take it on rides
  • Drinking bottle cap included

Take a look at how the
milKit Booster works:


How to use the milKit Booster

The milKit Booster is a revolutionary tool that enables bikers to inflate tubeless tires without a large & costly air compressor. It makes mounting tubeless at home or trailside easy!

The milKit Booster provides a lightweight, and easy to use answer for those looking at how to inflate a tubeless tire. With up to 160psi pressure available, your tire will immediately seat safely on the rim and seal evenly.

An aluminum bottle is the base of the Booster system, which works in a few simple steps: Learn more

The milKit Booster is available in the following product versions:

milKit tubeless Booster small

  • 1x 0.6L / 20 oz aluminum water bottle
  • 1x Booster head
  • 1x water bottle cap
  • 1x drawstring bag for protection

milKit tubeless Booster large

  • 1x 0.75L / 25 oz aluminum water bottle
  • 1x Booster head
  • 1x water bottle cap
  • 1x drawstring bag for protection

Booster head

  • 1x Booster head (replacement part)
  • 1x drawstring bag for protection

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Have a look at our videos to see how milkit works Where to buy milKit

"This practical accessory doubles as a tough water bottle and tubeless tire booster. A must for mountain bikers and a benefit for the environment too."

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