milKit tubeless conversion kit



Use milKit to convert to tubeless without the mess and complications of other systems

Using the full milKit range ensures the most reliable puncture protection and that you get more time on your bike!

  • The milKit syringe and valve system means tires can be mounted dry and sealant added after – no mess and faster results!
  • milKit valves do not clog like others, thanks to the smart rubber flaps
  • milKit sealant is ammonia-free and therefore non-corrosive and environmentally friendly
  • milKit sealant coats the tire evenly so is more effective and the microfibers seal larger holes
  • milKit sealant stays liquid and does not decompose into lumps so remains effective longer
  • Engineered in Switzerland, and made in Germany

Take a look at how the milKit
Tubeless Conversion Kit works: