milKit develops, produces and distributes solutions and products that simplify the installation and maintenance of tubeless tires on bicycles. The resource-saving use of products is a major concern for the company, so  the milKit technology, its simple and fast application offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to drop the use of resource-intensive and environmentally unfriendly rubber inner tubes. 

milKit products and their packaging are manufactured in Europe, assuring short delivery times and a low carbon footprint. Swiss engineered and made in Germany. 

The milKit sealant contains no ammonia or chemically aggressive ingredients and lasts years in the bottle, eliminating having to throw away half-full bottles of sealant that due to their age cannot be used anymore. 

The eco-friendly, reusable Booster system is not only light weight and space saving but also eliminates the use of throw-away CO2 cartridges – plus it doubles as a water bottle,multipurpose at its best!

milKit’s endeavor to always develop the lightest and most efficient products, such as the booster, leads to optimal material utilization and resource-saving systems. The company’s mission is to not just improve your tubeless experience, but the natural environment we all love riding in. Aiming to protect the planet for future riders, milKit reduces its impact wherever possible.

With the support of Technology Fund (, milKit can drive its mission in the bicycle industry forward and work on ever more sustainable, and effective, tubeless products. 

Technology Fund is an important element of the Swiss government’s climate strategy and offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose innovative products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.